Account Retention

We Boost Sales. Improve Customer Services. Retain & Grow Your Clients and Customers For Your Greater Profits

Helping businesses get accounts is one thing. One which are good at doing.

However, keeping key accounts, when you drill right down to it, requires different skills, from those that gained the accounts – in the first place – most cases.

Based on years experience of selling to win both large and small accounts and account managing both types of accounts in our sector in B2b property services and HR sales we created our own template on the most effective ways to retain and grow and clients.

It proved successful and we now share that expertise with businesses who need to bolster the retention of their key accounts and grow them, or even need to trouble shoot a key account that is in danger of being lost.

So, if you need to train new account managers, or upgrade the skills of current ones, or have a key account in danger and want to review what can be done, all you need do is call us on 01635 917373 or email