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What would it be worth to your business to have a methodology that made your sales people explode their results?

If we showed you a way to help the sales people you have now sell more, and showed you, before you hire any new ones, how likely a new sales person would perform, selling what you sell in your market before you hired them – would that be worth its weight in gold?

We think it would.

We also know and are sure you will agree, you have those sales people who “farm”, you have your “closers”, your “hunters”, your “superstars” and of course your “under performers”.

Whether they be in internal sales and external sales, customer service, and account management too; you will also agree they all “sell” for your business.

Having recruited for others, as well as businesses we’ve had in B2B, we wanted to find a way to move away from the “labels” that many other HR profiling services had as they often provided people who fit – but could not sell, or could sell but did not fit – with either the market, or our company, or both. And that happens in lots of other businesses too.

So, instead we sought out processes and methodologies that enabled us to measure, and check peoples “salesability” but also their “salesfitability” i.e. their ability to fit into the business, the market place into which we sold and suitability to sell our services and products specifically.

After many years of trying and testing we came across two specific, complimentary ways of measuring any sales persons balance, clarity and accessibility of mind with their actual ability to sell.

The net result has always been a major change in results……

Having discovered it, it lit a fire in us, and resulted in our passion to make sure other businesses got the sales results they deserve but could not find a way to achieve. So Sales Force Profiles and Training was born, to share that knowledge and help other businesses grow.

We provide current sales team profiling and sales team performance audits that gets better results, fast.

We help current sales teams perform better – far better.

And if you are replacing or hiring sales people our approach helps with sales recruitment right from the get go, so you only get to see people who can sell what you sell into your market and are completely suited to doing so.

We make sure they have the right “salesability” for what you sell and where you sell it. And you only see candidates that have it. And you won’t waste time with any candidate who will simply not fit for your market, service or firm.

To discover what these processes are and how they can benefit your business just call us on 01635 917373 or email

The sooner you do, the sooner your results will change.